February 26, 2007

Jetta Wagon, Golf Estate, Either Way, You Still Can't Get One


The VW Jetta Wagon, or as it'll be known in Europe, the Golf Estate, will be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show, and supposedly at NY in April. Which will give you enough time to identify the VW engineers' inspiration for rear end came from. So far the Jalopnikers have suggested:

  • a 1st gen Hyundai Tiburon
  • a bulimic Porsche Cayenne
  • a 1st gen Honda Odyssey
  • a last gen Sentra

    But then there's this: "Come on guys, ease up on the tail lamps. The ladies...who tend to buy this kind of car care more about access to the aft child safety seat." D'oh! They haven't even lifted the curtain yet, and already it's been branded a chick car.

    Geneva Pre-Show: VW Jetta (Golf) Wagon [jalopnik]


    To me, there's a little bit of "Saabishness" to it, but it mostly just looks like a Toyota or a Kia. I don't know what VW's deal is these days, but their Jettas and Passats are trying too hard to look like Japanese and Korean cars.

    On the subject of "chick cars", I've never really understood the criteria but I've noticed that it's very different depending on what country you're in. The guys on the show Top Gear in the UK had an episode of their show on this once - and all of the cars they identified as "gay" or "chick" cars were cars I'd owned or wanted to own... *sigh*. Although I'm a husband and a father, I guess I just don't have the testosterone levels needed to make driving an F350 pickup or a Hummer very much fun. (although I do think Hummers are pretty gay in a "Village People" kinda way).

    Of all the cars-I-can't-have, this one is the most slobber-inducing. Not only is it a wagon, it's a TDI diesel! How much duct tape would it take to sneak one into the States on the belly of a 747?

    It's hard to imagine getting induced into a slobbery state over a front wheel drive car - even a diesel (MINI Cooper being the only notable exception).

    Actually, all of you are wrong. This is a finely-crafted rip-off of a MB C320 wagon's butt.

    [them's fightin' words, jjd-o, if it were close, that is -ed.]

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