May 15, 2007

Tips For Travel With Kids, Nos. 1, 10 & 495

NOTE: unless you can't read, there is no reason for you to click on either of these videos. You hear me? NO reason. at. all.

495] Hold the damn kid's damn hand, dammit. That's why they call it Times Square, New York City, people, because it's full of breakdancers.

10] Before you set the kid down to play, make sure the cobra's mouth is sewn shut.

1] Bring your own, because they don't have Pampers in India.

gawker and boingboing]
Previously: Bboy Booginsroc, the world's youngest breakdancer, has ill moves; Bboy Booginsroc's Bboy dad - the Daddy Types interview


After watching kiddo's terrific backflip, I'm suddenly feeling like a much less bad parent for using the baby leash...

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