May 13, 2007

Some Joker Drives A Maclaren


I tell you, Maclaren's getting their money's worth from that new logo they came up with. Subtle, but not invisible.

TMZ, meanwhile, could spend a nickel and hire a freakin' caption writer who does more than string stale movie titles together: "Daddy day care" AND "Mr. Mom" in less than 75 words? Sheesh.

The Maclaren Techno XT in Storm Gray is $300 at Amazon/Baby Universe [amazon]

1 Comment

Is it just me but Heath looks pissed off that they are taking his picture. If he keeps clenching his jaw he'll get TMJ. Can't a guy take his kid for a stroll and not be bugged by the paparazzi ???

I know that I can'

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