April 26, 2007

Toilet Seat Stuck On The Kid's Head? Try Dishwashing Soap


A 2.5-yo toddler from Braintree, Essex, England got a toilet training seat stuck on his head. His mom took him to the fire station, where the firemen lubed the kid's head and ears with dishwashing liquid and slid the seat off "nice as pie."


Boy gets toilet seat stuck on his head [reuters/yahoo via dt reader sara]
image: a_d3vill5h_1's flckr stream
other honorary members of the Braintree Brain Trust here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


We have a Braintree in Massachusetts too -- the Red Line goes from Cambridge through Boston down to either Ashmont or Braintree. So we hear "This is Braintree train... Braintree train" a lot.

This post has no actual point. But here it is anyway.

That's twice today I've genuinely lol'd at your superimposed captions. :)

even funnier if the photo caption informing us that this ia "A toilet seat in an undated file photo." Thanks Reuters, I was wondering what alien contraption that was.

[I know, that cracked me up, too. It's like their photos are selected by keyword robots or something. -ed.]

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