April 11, 2007

Convert Your Back Seat To A Baby Bed!

...if I should die before I wake, it's cuz Dad hit the gas and not the brake.

Frankly, it's a miracle any of us is alive to have kids at all. I just posted a scan of some plans for making a handy dandy bed for the backseat of your car. It came from the helpful folks at Popular Mechanics, circa Sept. 1962. An era that predated both carseats and seatbelts, I guess.

See the whole scan in the daddytypes pool on flickr. PLEASE tell me you don't need me to put a disclaimer on this. [flickr]
Previously: cardboard carseat from Nomadic Furniture 2


My Dad cut a piece of plywood for the floor of the backseat of our 80s Oldsmobile. It rested on the 'hump' in the middle and on a rigged up framework of 2x4s. Add blanket and pillow and say "goodnight" on the way back from Grandma's house. Of course, we also had a QUEEN size bed in the back of our Econoline van.

You and babygadget seem to be on the same kick:


Great stuff!

We used to ride thousands of miles every year in the top bunk of our RV... and considering some of the roads my dad used to take a chance on, it IS surprising I lived to have children.

I always thought they should have had a seatbelt on the toilet... how can you not be tempted to use it while the vehicle is moving on a long road trip?

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