April 8, 2007

Awesome Set Of Vintage Palaset Storage Cubes


So I'm surfing through eBay a bit and hey-o! here's a huge set of Palaset storage cubes for sale. This system was designed in the early 70's by Ristomatti Ratia, whose parents founded Marimekko. Victor Papanek and James Hennessey gave over six full pages to it in their awesome lifestyle handbook sequel, Nomadic Furniture 2. [In Vic's opinion it is by far the most versatile range of storage units ever invented. While somewhat expensive, the system has many unusual advantages for nomadic living..." [heh]

This set is unusually large: 29 cubes, which can be rearranged in any configuration. The only options not included--you could order any combo of drawer/shelf/cupboards--are cupboard doors and the little footer bases which float the boxes off the floor a bit.

Each structural polystyrene cube is 13.5-inches on each side, and was originally finished in matte paint [this set appears to have the original finish.] As Hennessey would say, these come in "a zippy red" and "a rather regrettable green." Personally, I don't mind it; it looks very 1972.

No idea what something like this goes for [update: actually, one cube with 4 drawers went for 25 pounds shipped in the UK. Turns out they were sold at Conran's Habitat at least into the 1980's.] but this set's at $910 with about two days left to bid.

danish modern wall unit, kartell plastic, palaset, currently $910+greyhound shipping, auction ends Apr 10 [ebay]
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Does anyone have any of these? I need some more. Even 5 would do.
These are sooper!


I would be interested in purchasing some palaset cube drawers 13" x 13" x 2" (10 of them)

Do you know of a source?

Thank you.


Welcome, get your place in line...

I have four Palaset cubes from the early 80s that I'm getting rid of. One black, one white divided into six bins, two white divided into three bins for drawers, three white drawers and three black drawers.

Oops, should have left an email address

dancebert at sign yahoo dot com

I've got 5 Early issue Palasets in black. three 2 shelf modules and one 1 shelf module. All excellent condition. Anyone like to make an offer?

are these still available ?
i'm needing some.

my email: pepamendoza@gmail.com

any body else have any ?

I'd be interested in your Palaset cubes. How much to ship to Chicago? Joan

I have quite a bit of Palaset available. Most of the cubes are brown, but I have drawers in several sizes in green, white, red & brown. Anyone interested, drop a line.

hi pia, which part of country do you live? Do you know how much you'd want for these? can you see my email address, or is it hidden?


I have a set of 4 of the early Palaset white cubes. Set includes a basic cube, a cube with a divider, a cube with a divider with 2 drawers of the shoebox shape, a finally a cube with 5 dividers and 5 drawers. The set is in excellent shape, and all silver handles are included. Asking $150.


I have one white cube with solid white door from the early 80's. $40+shipping from MIchigan.


Hi Pia

Im really interested in purchasing some palaset drawers. Any colours, any sizes.... Can you Help?

Do you ship to UK?



I have various vintage Palaset cubes available in white & brown. I will be listing them on ebay but figured I'd try to see if anyone here is interested first.
email: respos1046@aol.com
Thank you


I am interested in purchasing the 4 white Palaset cubes you describe in your 3/6/09 listing. Please let me know how this transaction should be completed.


Hi if anyone has any palaset cubes for sale please email me john3murphy@gmail.com

Anyone prepared to sell me two Palaset white cubes, with one central divider? They're just great for LPs. I live in London but would pay shipping from elsewhere.

I am looking for 3 - 5 white Palaset cubes, with the 6, 3, or 2 dividers. We currently have around 9 that we use at our school.

Blanca peace@thecircleschool.org

Looking for as many palaset cubes as someone is willing to sell! Please e-mail me at stellamoss79@yahoo.com with the subject palaset if you have any for sale!!
Thanks! My nomadic lifestyle would greatly improve with some of these...

I would like to buy 6 Palaset drawers that fit in one cube each about 2'' high. Please, email me if you have for sale! Thank you

i am interested in ome of your cubes...i have six white ones and would like to add some color...cooldrops@hotmail.com

I have 8 all white original Palaset cubes, 3 of them have drawers which are also white. I love them but if any collectors are interested in making an offer, please email me at holidaymusic@gmail.com. Thanks! Marianne

Oops forgot to finish.

Set of eight , white. Some with drawers, some with doors, some with single shelf, one open cube.

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