March 7, 2007

PsychoEnfants, Qu'est Ce Que C'est?


Bwahaha, there's a French baby magazine called PsychoEnfants.

I wish they had logo merchandise. Unfortunately, their website is really skimpy [the first third of the "breast or bottle?" article is just reciting a bunch of hypotheticals and myths, while the only remotely scientific information is a reference to a study that newborn babies turn their heads more toward the smell of breastmilk than to formula. Persuaded yet?]

So if anyone out there wants to crank out some PsychoEnfants t-shirt designs, I'm all for it. [via bloombaby]
Previously: Hm la plus ca change; I also wanted logo gear from the German catalogue called Baby Butt


Aie, aie, aie. Did you take the on-line tests? Are you a "mere poule" or "ultra cool?" This magazine barely recognizes the existence of the father, and the articles don't go very far below the pop psychology level (as you observed), so it's probably a pass. Agree that the name on a onesie or a t-shirt would be good, though...

Yes, logo merch is a no-brainer, maybe I could get the US (or should I say Les E.U.?) franchise for that.
Also, I like the article about "Retrouver le d├ęsir" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), although it is very Cosmo for Moms/pop-psych lite.

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