October 27, 2004

Baby Butt. Ja, ja, das is richtig, 'Butt.'

Congratulations to Baby Butt, which is celebrating its 36th year of providing German parents and children with a wide selection of high-quality baby products from the best manufacturers at sensible prices. [And providing lazy English-speaking comics with free jokes.]

The only thing missing: a line of Baby Butt-logo gear, which would no doubt become a global phenomenon, the Senor Frog's or Black Dog Cafe T-shirt of kidswear. Until that happens, there's always shirtalarm.de, which might custom print a kid's shirt for you with, say, the Baby Butt logo on it.

Baby Butt, Das Besten fur Ihr Baby
shirtalarm.de, Ihr Texte oder Bild auf Ihren Shirt [both via kinderblick]

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