March 1, 2007

Ja, The Bugaboo Cupholders Are In

bugaboo_cupholder_cu.jpg *

The end of your, long, parched agony is in sight. I just got the first word from a retailer that they have received actual, official Bugaboo drink holders. So hit up Jon at Pacifier in Minneapolis if you're in immediate need. [They're $25 and come with two adapters to fit all Bugaboo models.]

These things have been a long time coming; the cupholder was unveiled last summer at ABC Kids Expo, but then I heard from various folks that they had to return their first shipments because they only contained one Gecko/Frog adapter. [It's well known that Cameleon owners drink 2-3x as much as other Bug owners, so it was an important demographic to hit.]

As luck--and Bugaboo generosity--would have it, I got one of the early, one-adapter batch. When the bracket didn't stay on the upper, adjustable part of the handle, I just put it down on the solid part, and it fits fine.

One of my biggest gripes about cupholders on the Bugaboo is that they ruin the line of the stroller. [Actually, my biggest complaint was that most look like plastic pieces of trash from the bin at a shop class.] The Bug cupholder is about as goodlooking as ABS is going to get, and it's been a convenient success in the two+ months we've had it.


Driving with it out, it felt really prominent and wide, so I flipped it so that it rides inside the handle. I think this looks much better, and much less obtrusive. It's less likely to get knocked or pulled off, too. The downside of the inside is that it blocks the recline if the seat's facing forward; if you want to recline, you have to take the cupholder off. Same if you want to flip the handle and put the big wheels in front, like we've done a couple of times in the snow recently.

Net net, is it worth the wait [or worth getting?] For me, honestly, 90% of the time, I drink Diet Coke in a 20-oz. bottle*, which I've gotten used to hanging from the wrist strap. If your beverage consumption patterns differ from that at all--or if you actually use the wrist strap on your wrist--a cupholder will be your faithful friend.

And there's no reason you should stick inferior, non-brand equipment on the rig you shelled out for. So unless you're gonna hack one of those chrome ring chopper jobs on there, this is the only cupholder for you.

Bugaboo Drink Holder, $25 [, at least]
* note: I guess the other 10% is Jamba Juice or Coldstone Creamery, shown here riding high for illustrative purposes only. It fits all the way down, no problem.


I still vote for finding a BaBu tray on ebay. Two cupholders, a tray, hooks to hang grocery bags, and it prevents your diaper bag straps from migrating down lopsidedly. You can keep it on and recline the seat, and it doesn't make you any wider.

Chad sent me an email from work the other day about this. Truly, the earth stands still when Bugaboo finally releases their own, proprietary, cup holder. I'm sure we'll end up with one, but thus far we've managed. When the girl's legs were too small to reach the foot area on the frog, I'd prop my cup in there. These days I stick it upright into the top of the diaper bag and that's worked fairly well too.

The LIQ_ID H-LSTER is still the 'best' drink holder by far!! Not only does it fit every stroller on the market including all the Bugaboo brands and holds virtually all bottles, cups and cans, it is the BEST looking! I must say the new Bugaboo holder has left a lot to be desired in this department! As well as all this (if it wasn't enough), it is priced between $15-20!!

[you've got to be kidding. that thing is fugly. and though I deleted the two comments you left later, I'm leaving this message up as an example to others--your drink-holding head on a stake, if you will-- that PR spam comments will not be tolerated. And if they persist, they and the product they shill for will be mocked. -ed.]

We got the Bugaboo cupholder a few days ago from pamperedtot for our Cameleon. It works well and comes with two adapters. I guess one for the large main tube and one for the extension part of the Cameleon handle. The holder has a simple feature of keeping different size cups stable in the holder by using plastic 'finger' extensions inside the cup holder. The holder seems to work well and is easy to take on and off. It also rotates so we don't have to take it off when collapsing the Bug down for transport. Our only real complaint is that if you plan to attach the cupholder on the inside of the handle bars (which definitely looks better) then the handle has to be extended if the seat is facing forward because the holder will otherwise hit the cup holder. Overall, the cup holder is definitely pricey but if you've already gone out and shelled out a wad of cash to buy a Bug, then the price is probably not a big issue.

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