February 22, 2007

You've Come A Long Way, Brah!

Now that's what I call progress!

Just a couple of weeks ago, MomsRising was just another post-feminist attempt to reinvigorate interest in demanding improvements to intractable issues of work-family balance that nevertheless focused exclusively on women and mothers, basically taking any challenges or questioning of men's work-family status quo off the table before the conversation even started. Sure, they threw the word "parent" around a couple of times, but all the problems were women's, which the women had to solve. Or demand solutions to. Dads weren't even mentioned.

But that was then. Now, in this New York Times article, dads are actually mentioned several times!

In many ways, these groups are repackaging issues that have been around for nearly 50 years and have proven intractable despite the efforts of legions of activists, lawyers and elected officials.

But what MomsRising has done, the organizers say, is frame its concerns as family and economic issues, which resonate for a younger generation of women. (They say they will include the fathers later.)

Okay, then. Just call if you need anything, we'll either be golfing with clients or at a Charlie Trotter's with the project team.

Mom’s Mad. And She’s Organized. [nyt via dt reader gregory]
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