November 23, 2006

I'm Thankful For Modernseed's BroSis Lounge Chair


I'm happy to outsource today's installment of Molded Plywood Week to the NY Times, since their slideshow of kid's gifts conveniently includes designs on my list as well. Eric Pfeiffer's been on a molded ply streak this year, and I, for one, am thankful for it. His Chalker Table and Chip Chair for Modernseed have already been mentioned here on the site, and his other 2006 design was on my list for this week anyway.

The BroSis Lounge Chair is one of those instantly graspable, but really inventive, elegant, new designs that seems like it should've been around for years. It's beautiful, and I can't believe it's only $150. There's limited stock, so buy early so you don't get stuck with orange--or so you can get the orange one you really want, if that's your thing. I'm a clear birch guy myself.

Also, I'm using the NYT image because they have Gary the Swedish oak-and-rope robot by Our Children's Gorilla hanging out in the background. Gary may not be molded ply, but he is awesome anyway.

BroSis Lounge by Eric Pfeiffer, $150
[, image via nyt]
Previously: Pfeiffer's Chalker Table & Chip Chair
Our Children's Gorilla on DT and on their own site

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