October 29, 2006

Biggest Saved By The Bell Collection EVER On eBay

If you're like me, you were despairing over how you could ever properly convey to your newborn child the important, formative influence Saved By The Bell played in your life. Without, you know, bringing up Showgirls or the Screech sex tape.

Now you can share the passion--well, someone else's passion, anyway--for the show by buying The Worlds Largest & Best Saved By The Bell Collection! on eBay.

As the seller explains, "Parting with the worlds biggest collection of SBTB memorabilia is like taking a child away from me!"

Or at least it would be if anyone actually bids on it. Only 11 hours to go. [via waxy]


it doesn't include the screech porno that was just release, no bid from me.

I'm not sure what's more disturbing: the fact that it sold for over $500 or the fact that the person who bought it goes by the name "capnvaginer".

[maybe they're going to scan it all in for the Screechporn bonus DVD -ed.]

You know, I'm not sure what's contained under the rather vague heading "SBTB memorabilia", but by the time your baby is old enough to know about the dangers of diet pills and how to decide who to take to the prom, the whole darn series will probably be out on DVD . . . if it's not already.

As for Showgirls, best let that be something he/she discovers on her own :-)

[you mean, we should just leave it in the DVD player? -ed.]

Screech sex tape? Dude, I really hope that's not real. Because people have to eat...

[whatever you do, Don't click on this link titled "Screech Sex Tape Preview -ed.]

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