October 11, 2006

Slightly Judd-y Kids Chairs Made From Orange Crates


Regular readers of Daddy Types know I love me some Donald Judd furniture. I've even wished so hard for Judd-like kid's furniture, I've gone and had some knocked together myself.

What I haven't done, though, is scour antique malls in Minnesota or estate sales in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, searching out somewhat Judd-like 1930's-era "crate chairs" [not to be confused with Gerrit Rietveld's "Crate Chair"].

Fortunately for slugs like me, there's eBay, where just such a pair of brown-painted, scuffed, and apparently vintage construction [as opposed to made yesterday out of vintage wood and distressed by throwing it down the driveway a couple of times] kid-sized crate chairs turned up today.

Opening bid's $9, shipping's only $14, and you have until Oct. 17th to make your big design investment decisions. Have at it.

Vintage Shabby Sunkist Crate Child Chair Chic Furniture
[eBay via dt reader andy]

1 Comment

Do you buy orange crates? I have 5 with imperfect labels. But I live in Kansas.

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