September 22, 2006

Warning Labels You Won't See

The latest issue of Make Magazine features some great warning labels that you probably won't be seeing on any animatronic or injection-molded plastic toys anytime soon. Danger: Early Brand Exposure The maker of this toy is trying to create a...
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The Times Square, They Are A-Changing: Uproar Over Slightly Visible Breast

People have such short memories. Time was when the whole economy of Times Square centered on catching a glimpse of a breast in some "out of the way" place. Now, a mom from Brooklyn is claiming Toys R Us employees...
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Q: Fixing Bugaboo Foam?

A DT reader just emailed in:Thought i would try your opinion on options for repairing the foam handle on our bugaboo. while shoving the stroller into the back of the car, the foam handle was torn. add to that the...
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That IS A Good Idea, Honey, And It'd Probably Work For Any Name But "Sophie"

I know it's only for stylish moms, but issocuuute! From Cookie's My First Blog (i.e., a blog by a toddler): "I signed all my toys and books with my name Sophie so no one takes them."...
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Freak Show's Primi Probably Not Appearing On The View, At KB Toys

Though our country may be the poorer for it, something tells me that Primi, the premature baby in the rolling incubator, whose superpower is pinpoint projectile vomiting, will not be this year's Tickle Me, Elmo sensation come Christmas time....
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