September 22, 2006

That IS A Good Idea, Honey, And It'd Probably Work For Any Name But "Sophie"

I know it's only for stylish moms, but issocuuute! From Cookie's My First Blog (i.e., a blog by a toddler):

"I signed all my toys and books with my name Sophie so no one takes them."



In other news, this kid's blog just sold for $3 million. I need to stop commenting and start building my brand!

[you and me both, pal. -ed.]

When I clicked on the link to see the stupidity of Cookie for myself, it somehow got around the Google popup blocker AND the inherent Firefox blocker and got a Cookie popup through. Then when I said "Wow, this is lame" and clicked back, ANOTHER popup got through! They get you coming and going over there, don't they?

[yeah, those $3mm blogs gotta earn their keep somehow -ed.]

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