September 22, 2006

Freak Show's Primi Probably Not Appearing On The View, At KB Toys


Though our country may be the poorer for it, something tells me that Primi, the premature baby in the rolling incubator, whose superpower is pinpoint projectile vomiting, will not be this year's Tickle Me, Elmo sensation come Christmas time.

Primi's a member of the Freak Squad, a top secret team of carnival sideshow workers who undertake extremely unimportant missions for the government. Freak Show is on Comedy Central at very weird times, and is created by David Cross [Arrested Development, Mr. Show, Curious George (?!)] and Jon Benjamin [Dr Katz, The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour (?!?!)]

See a Freak Show clip [youtube via goldenfiddle]


My favorite thing about this post is that it's filed in "strollers"

[uh, and I did that on purpose. yeah, that's it. The incubator DOES have wheels... -ed.]

i wonder if one of the writers has had a premature baby? i'm not sure it's common knowledge that preemie's are at increased risk for developing severe reflux that can lead to projectile vomiting long after they leave the nicu. is there an exciting episode where primi almost dies because he/she? aspirates the vomit back into her lungs? fuuuuuuunnny!

neener. someone didn't close their italic tag. doses that mean i can wreak havok by unintentionally forgetting to close a bold tag?

[nice try, pal -ed.]

yeah, somehow I doubt that the writing meetings were overflowing with either actual preemie experience or sensitivity to anyone related to or dealing with preemies.

And just like with the "stroller" categorization, I left all the italics in to empasize EVERYTHING. yeah, that's the ticket.

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