September 21, 2006

Hello Kitty Nutcracker At Hello Kitty Theme Park

Though we were tantalizingly close last summer, we never did make it over to Sanrio Puroland, the giant indoor Hello Kitty theme park which sits [past the Babies R Us, past the Costco...] on the western outskirts of Tokyo. It seems like the kind of too-surreal-to-pass-up freakshow of Helly Kitty mania, and [possibly? who knows?] well worth a visit, as long as you have an extra day to spare in Japan, that is.

Anyway, I'd blocked it out of my mind until I saw a photo of a nearby Sanrio distribution center, which I immediately recognized from our Costco-Babies R Us run. Whatever:


Long story short: there is an all-Hello Kitty version of "The Nutcracker," which is the kid's second favorite book these days [after the Argington catalogue]. She's already talking about seeing the ballet--and even dancing in it someday. [And here I thought the admissions process for pre-school was hairy.]

I don't know how she'd handle Kitty as Clara, but the confluence of these overwhelming forces is like the little girl world equivalent of Alien vs. Predator or Freddie vs Jason. I expect we'll be making that Puroland schlep someday.

Sanrio Puroland is in Tama, about an hour trainride west of Tokyo. 3-4,000 yen, kids under 4 are free[]


Crap, we lived a few minutes away from there by car when we lived in Kanagawa... and to think we wasted all our time at the Starbucks in Minami-Machida. :)

I think if my daughter saw this she would explode with spontaneous delight.

I recently attended a Thomas the Train live thing with my nephew (Gunslinger at my blog). Gunslinger had a good time and I enjoyed him enjoying it.

If it were a Hello Kitty thing... well, I'm not so sure that I could make it.

As long as it is not as bad as the TERRIBLE Hello Kitty cartoons. Those things are so bad it's criminal. I won't have them in the house. Thankfully, LMS' HK period has been fairly low impact.

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