September 21, 2006


Just came across this quote from artist Jason Rhoades. It didn't register with me at all when I first read it two years ago, but since he passed away--survived by his wife and 3-yo daughter--it just really struck me....
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Hello Kitty Nutcracker At Hello Kitty Theme Park

Though we were tantalizingly close last summer, we never did make it over to Sanrio Puroland, the giant indoor Hello Kitty theme park which sits [past the Babies R Us, past the Costco...] on the western outskirts of Tokyo. It...
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The Argington Catalogue, AKA The Connecticutter Magazine

While all the other kids' noses are buried in their New Yorkers, for the last week, my kid's favorite book has been a piece of swag from Las Vegas: the new Argington catalogue. Near as I can tell, the...
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Unidentified Local Paper Towel Spokesman Drives A Bugaboo

[image: splashnews via trent] In completely unrelated news, I have received reports that a certain unidentified Cheetos spokeswoman has actually purchased a Bugaboo at Fred Segal. So even though it's unlikely, brace yourself for photos of her unidentified backup...
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The Diaper Bag Tactical Patch: Removable For Those Days When You're Feeling... Not So Tactical

I never would have thought to solve my unmanly diaper bag problem by accessorizing with a patch. I would've bought a different diaper bag. But I have to admit, it kinda works. Tactical Diaper Bag Patches, S or M,...
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With This Superman Laptop, You Will Never Be Alone, Kal-El

Your name is Kal-El. You have great powers, only some of which you have as yet discovered. You need some educational aids. All the math, memory, logic and spelling games of your home planet Krypton, all 30 of them,...
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