September 21, 2006



Just came across this quote from artist Jason Rhoades. It didn't register with me at all when I first read it two years ago, but since he passed away--survived by his wife and 3-yo daughter--it just really struck me. Rhoades' work is a barrage of everyday junk, really, overloaded into sculpture. At his last show in NYC, called Meccatuna [above], he had a crew in the gallery building the Kaba'a, the giant sacred, shrouded rock at the center of Mecca, out of like a million Legos.

Pop after pop, pop, pop . . . Can you hear me? Art that interests me goes pop! like little explosions of bubbles. My daughter's middle name is Bubble: Ruby Bubble Rhoades. She should live in a bubble in the sense that her world should be the way she wants, but it should also pop, and then she'll grow a new one...
Jason Rhoades discussing "Pop After Pop", Oct. 2004 []

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That's beautiful.

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