September 20, 2006

Is Gawker Pregnant Or Something? Sheesh

Three baby-related posts in one day? It looks like someone at Gawker is trying to break into the $1,860-and-growing baby blooging market:

  • A positively gushing report on the re-launch of Cookie Magazine's website []
  • A toddler reading The New Yorker [flickr]
  • No BS callout on that humorless Little Democrat book [has it really only been three weeks since we saw that thing?]

    [s-s-s-something from the comments: JKH links to an even better photo from the "toddler reading New Yorker" photo pool.]


    love the one you linked; here's our version

    [which is obviously far superior. -ed.] is for stylish MOMs, according to their banner. But the kid is cultured, maybe he could read it for me.

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