August 24, 2006

Just Because It's Called Vogue Bambini Doesn't Mean It's For Kids


...Fing’rs, which sells preglued press-on nails, patterned with stars and kitties, to appeal to girls who, she said, “have the latest ‘it’ bags and rhinestone-covered Sidekicks.” Sales of preglued nails for children are up 13 percent this year, Ms. Gonzales said....


Not without a touch of pride, [the mother of the 4-yo getting a pedicure above] added: “My daughter loves everything that is in fashion right now, like wearing dresses as little smock tops over pants, or mixing polka dots and plaids."

First thing, this is totally within parents' control at some point, but it's a symptom or after-effect, not a primary one. As my wife just said, choosing their own clothes and having a sense of individuality is one thing, but kids have no need for brands at all.

And second, dresses over jeans are not "in fashion right now," they're a classic look. And until Seven comes up with a decent diaper cover, whatryagonnado?

Fashion Aims Young [nyt]

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