August 23, 2006

Mamas & Papaas: All The Skoot Is White & The Fabric's Grey

mamas_papas_skoot_stroller.jpgThe connection between UK megababystore Mamas & Papas and Peg Perego go way back; it's an Italian family thing, capisce? M&P sells Pegs in the UK under its own brand umbrella; traditional rigs like the Pliko P3 Pramette are particularly popular. But Peg Perego's apparently feeling the Bugaboo heat, at least in Britain.

The new M&P Skoot is a Peg Perego Bugaboo-stalker, basically a Pramette on a redesigned, sportier chassis with enough similarities and key functions to raise a Dutch eyebrow or two. And yet the tubular metal construction and more pram-like seat/bassinet give the Skoot a more hybrid/transitional feel.

The real standout feature is probably the white powder-coated metal frame, usually a feature on disposable umbrella strollers, now redeployed on a decidedly upscale rig. If only Bugaboo hadn't been the first with their all-white, oddball limited edition Bugaboo By, the Skoot could stake a real claim to kickstarting a design trend.

Of course, DT reader Becster's right on in her wish for a white-fabric-on-white Skoot, if only to re-enact a good vs. evil stroller showdown against the carbon fiber & black leather Maclaren. At only £350, it at least has the Bugaboo beat on price, by £150.

If anyone's tested (or bought) a Skoot after comparing it to the Pliko [or the Bug itself], definitely chime in with your experience. And let us know how you keep that bad boy all white and purty.

Skoot Pushchair from Mamas & Papas, £350 []


I wonder if we'll be seeing some of these on this side of the ocean marketed under the Peg Perego brand? I'm really happy with the our Peg Aria stroller; it's still the only stroller we own/need.

It's small and light enough to fit on public transportation (and just small enough to get around Tokyo) but big enough to hold a few bags of groceries on the walk back from the store... this new one looks like it has a decent sized (not Graco-sized, mind you) basket underneath too, as does the Perego pram...

I still get a little Bugaboo envy every time I see a Frog (no Cameleons so far in Canada that I've seen) but for 1/4 the price we're pretty happy, and it's still something a little more high-end than the stuff they sell at Toys'r'Us... if only they'd had the Bugaboo-esque flame orange one when we were buying. :)

Did you mean the A3 Pramette? My husband purchased one for us to try before I drag him kicking and screaming down the Bugaboo hole.

The A3 is the hybrid pram/stroller on what looks like a P3 chasis, but the fold is quite different (and extremely easy, even for this 5'0 gal).

Though I think it's wildly boring (at least asthetically) in stroller mode, the A3 does look quite sharp in the pram mode, and the switcharound is really clever (unzip the reversable fabric, lay down the seat and switch the direction of the hood - about 60 sec all in). All of that is done with the existing pieces, meaning there's no danger of misplacing or leaving that bassinet attachment at home.

Speaking of the hood, it's got to have the best sun coverage I've seen - it can go almost all the way down.

I wonder if this is an improved chasis with the A3 concept on top? The fabric looks a little more substantial, but it is very interesting.

Thanks for sharing!

[um, what I really mean is, I wouldn't know an A3 from a P3 if it run over me Wellies on the kerb, but I think you're right. The pram part looks the same, but the Pliko P3 has separate, Mac-like handles, where the A3--and the Skoot--have a single, Bug-like bar. Neither has the Skoot undercarriage, though -ed.]

This has made an appearance's called the Peg Perego UNO, not sure why the change of name but they have issued it with a really nice all black frame(various seat colours) as well as this white one. I've ordered one and will let you know what it is like when it comes. I've had a Venezia in the past which is pratcially the same but with all same size double wheels front and back.I'm in the Uk and have ordered mine from Germany due to not wanting the white/brown combo and it being cheaper!

Well, the Uno came and oh my god how I hate it! Bugaboo, all is forgiven. Made me right away wish for my Gecko back again. I was stupid, forgive me!

Okay, what's wrong with it?? It looks sweet, but the first problem was trying to push it out of the door. It didn't seem to want to "go". there was nothing actually wrong with it, that's just how it is. I'm pushing it rear facing BTW. So the big wheels are forwards (and non swivel as they are)- they are a total bitch to steer, so I try it with the rear wheels on swivel, thinking it might fix something. It does not. This is now like a runaway shopping cart, only worse(I run it into my neighbours hedge, twice). So I have to stop again and lock up the wheels, I have gone about 100 feet from my house and I want to take it home and put the baby in the sling instead. Then I try getting it up the kerb. Sooo HARD, you'd think it was an adult in it instead of my 20lb baby, the fact that the handle feels bendy didn't help either. I actually felt unsafe pushing it.
So I got my eldest daughter to school and on the way home I give in and reverse the handle, so the small wheels face forwards, and it is better, but not much.
You have to have this weird way of steering it, instead of pram-style, leaning on it to lean the weight to the rear wheels and then turning, (as per classic pram with no swivel wheels), you have to kind of do the reverse which feels weird and a pain the ass.

I don't understand why this is so much worse than the Venezia they bred with a Bugaboo to get this awful awful stroller nightmare child. If anyone can explain the engineering problem of the big wheels to me, feel free :)

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