August 16, 2006

I Dwell Into The Burning Ring Of Fire


I confess, if you're one of those people who thrill to the sight of fine crib linens, Daddy Types has been letting you down. I could promise you I'll change, that I'll be better, but then I'd only break your heart. Again. And I don't want to do that, baby.

So if you need to leave me, I'll understand. Which is why I brung you this link to you. Cuz Grace at design*sponge went to the NY Int'l Gift Fair and brought home some pictures of Dwell Baby's purty new western-style crib sets, which includes silhouettes of June Carter Cash, or so they say.

For my money--and because they're linen, it'll take all my money and most of yours, plus what your mama left you, all that and I still might have to sell my horse--I think the crib set with the trees on it would be mighty nice. But none of it's on the Dwell site yet, so why don't you just wipe them tears away and go into the kitchen and get me a beer?

Dwell Baby crib set NYIGF preview [scroll down, down, down, design*sponge]


What I don't understand about these linens is the presence of the bumper. These things are verboten. They impede airflow to baby during sleep which is the number one cause of SIDS.

Why do manufacturers still produce these death traps and are consumers smart enough to chuck them out?

[Whoa, there mamaloo, crib bumpers are only allegedly death traps because kids can get stuck against them and suffocate, which is VERY different from impeding airflow. And the JPMA, the industry association for the crib bumper industrial complex has several press releases about how safe they are. And after they hastily edited them in response to CPSC pressure, there's no problem at all. Really. -ed.]

Since we don't know what causes SIDS at all, it's maybe a bit unfair to call impeded airflow the number one cause, but in addition to the direct suffocation, rebreathing trapped air is definitely one of the things that gets pointed at -- and specifically, crib bumpers making little corner pockets just stuffed full of carbon dioxide

I would cite some sorta references, but, lazy.

[that makes three of us. -ed.]

Perhaps it's different in the US, then. I just recently finished sitting in a childbirth education coure (Public Health in Hamilton, Ontario) and the instructor specifically mentioned impeded airflow (which is of course, the cause of suffocation, due to lack of airflow or buildup of CO2). She recommended throwing the bumper in the garbage altogether as it impeded airflow around baby's heads as they slept at night.

I've no doubt we'll be seeing crib bumpers go the way of other "I used them and my kid didn't suffer any horrible fate" baby items within the next few years.

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