August 15, 2006

Moms Are From East Hampton, Dads Are From Quogue

hairy_back_vinyl.jpg"In the luxe and relaxed setting only a beach house can afford, the afternoon will feature celebrities, stylists, editors, and writers perusing the best in Mom & Baby." There are car services for folks coming from Manhattan; children's attendants and activities, and a lot of flat-out luxuriating.

I've been sitting by my inbox, just waiting for 5W Public Relations, "the nation's fastest growing PR firm two years in a row," to realize their oversight and get me my invite to their "first-ever 'Mom & Tot Editor's Preview' event" this Friday in East Hampton [not to get picky, but it's in Springs, well north of the highway].

But so far, nothing. I mean, I know that 5W Public Relations "has had its finger on the pulse of what's hot -- from the momprenuer explosion to the Hollywood baby boom," so I can't figure out how their new "Mom & Baby Division [which] directly services the maternity and newborn industry" could overlook dads to the point that they're not mentioned once in the whole press release. But then, neither is Kingsley, the maker of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt's t-shirt, they were so proud of product placing a few weeks back.

I mean, I just got my back waxed and everything...

5W Public Relations Births New Division With Exclusive Hamptons Event [prnewswire/yahoo via dt reader jj daddy]
image: Series 2 Dunny, Muscle by Tristan Eaton, from lillot's bad ass toy photoset on flickr []


"not to get picky, but it's in Springs, well north of the highway?" Back-waxing? I swear, Greg, sometimes I think you're writing this blog solely for me. You crack me up.

"mompreneur"? i just threw up in my mouth a little.

it should obviously be "mompreneuse."

[when you're making up words, you can do what you want, I guess. -ed.]

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