August 3, 2006

The Baby Roasting In Wal-Mart Parking Lot Google Map

boiled_baby_walmart.jpgSo some woman in Florida accidentally locks her baby in the van in a Wal-Mart parking lot, begs the shopping cart guy for help, he says talk to the manager. Eventually the manager says something along the lines of, "Hey, you're gonna have to clean up all that broken window glass. You can't just use a tire jack to break into a car to save your baby's life and just drive away..."

Consumerist's got the details, the Google Map view of the parking lot, and endless discussions and comments. Oy.

Update: Boiled Walmart Baby [consumerist]


It is a shame that Americann's have become heartless
This makes me wonder would the manager been happy if she just let her baby die the manager should have been the one to say I get you something to break the window or call the poilce to help her get in.
It is not wal-mart fauth but I think they should be sure they are hiring humans beings
If you do not care about the people do not work were you have to deal with people!!

Hmmmm. Sounds about right for WalMart.

I'm sure the parking lot guys just get worked to death cleaning up endless 124 oz Big Gulp cups and what not in the parking lot every night.

Perhaps this was one way they could "stick it to the Man" over crappy wages and benifits. You know, it's not like they care about the child's health. It's more about creating extra work for themselves or someone else.

I'm mean, I'm sure it's not those crappy wages and benefits that fosters such a cold attitude towards customers. Ya think?

Perhaps Management fires people who make more work without the authorization of a supervisor.

Yep, sounds about right for WalMart.

Why not call 911 and get someone out there with a slim jim?

The really frightening thing about the story is the series of indifferent and even hostile (to the mother) comments that follow the story in the link.
It's also shocking to think that if the same child, instead of being trapped in an overheating car, was being abducted that the Walmart employees might still feel the need to "check with the manager" before providing any assistance.

This article shows the true value to shopping at Walmart. You save a few bucks on purchases, but how easy is it to find help and what are the long term consequences (such as loosing a child in a locked car). However, this is a free country, so it is up to the consumers to decide what stores to buy from.

Now, wait a minute commenters. It's not Wal-Mart's fault that the people that were hired were so lackadaisical and heartless. Yes, the managers and the cartpushers should have done something and not just shrugged it off; yes, the "you have to tell us to call 911" statement was completely idiotic. Those, however, are not the fault of the company. They're the fault of those individuals who obviously need a compassion course and a good smack upside the head by that man's car jack.

WalMart must have some issues with common sense and child safety. Last week a 3 year old child was killed in one of the local Walmarts as a mirror fell , killing the chld. Very little coverage locally in Indianapolis about this. How do you have a mirror unsecured in the childrens section that isn't secured.

[walmart mirror of death story on]

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