July 20, 2006

First Of All, You're All Winners In Your Own Way

dt_sponsor_logos.jpgThe visions of double random number generators danced in my head as I got to the home office last night, but I ended up just printing all the names of people whose reviews were published, cutting them into long, thin strips, folding them up, and then dumping them in a collander where my wife drew them out with a great flourish of not looking.

So without further delay, here are the prizewinners from the DT Bizarre Book Contest, in order:

  • A 4-piece custom crib bedding set from Javis Davis: Bryan, who reviewed The Thumbtown Toad
  • The Face riding toy by Philippe Starck, provided by Sparkability: Jared, who reviewed The Adventures of Super Pickle [just after he scored his own copy on eBay, btw]
  • the Alexander Girard design pillow and t-shirt from modernseed: Heather, who reviewed Open Me, I'm A Dog
  • A Goodnight Moon rarities package--OK, they're two used books, but work with me here, people, I'm selling the sizzle, not the steak: Kaz, whose comments on Henry and the Tunnel and We Share Everything! inspired the contest in the first place
  • Limited-run 'daddy type' t-shirts: Kim, who reviewed Busy [i.e., pooping] Penguins and Eric, who reviewed The Steamroller.

    Thanks again to everyone who shared their reviews and their bizarre book finds. It makes us all feel like winners in the great game of life. It's just that some people won that and some sweet merch.

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    A pity I didn't hear about this sooner. The most bizarre picture book of all time is unquestionably, "Else-Marie and Her Seven Little Daddies". Check it out on Amazon sometime and tell me you disagree.

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