July 6, 2006

DT Bizarre Book Contest: Open Me... I'm a Dog!

open_me_ima_dog.jpgTitle: Open Me... I'm a Dog!
Author/Illustrator: Art Spiegelman
Reviewed by: Heather

I bought this book B.C. (before Clara) when I worked at a comic store. It was a gamble since the catalog was very vague on the description, so all my co-workers thought I was ordering an adult book. Luckily, they were wrong! I was surprised how realistic it, I mean HE is! He even has a leash and when you open the cover you can pet his soft orange fur. He's funny too and a surprisingly clever matchmaker! (Well, it worked out well for the German Shepard)

So if your kids are begging for a dog, try this one first. Much more educational and a lot less smelly!

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