July 6, 2006

4 Days Left To Enter The Bizarre Book Review Contest: And Maybe Win A Javis Davis Custom Crib Bedding Set

javis_davis_crib.jpgThe rules and complete prize list is here for the DT Bizarre Children's Book review contest. You have until the end of Monday (July 10) to enter, and to have your name included in the drawing for some truly fabulous prizes--it's a word that rarely gets used on DT, so it must be special. And true.

Just consider for a moment the extraordinary prize offered up by Javis Davis, purveyor of fine custom-made linens and textiles and such for nurseries and such. Javis Davis will let one lucky winner design his or her own crib bedding set--four pieces [crib sheet, bumper, skirt, decorative pillow] either in consultation with their professionally trained bed stylists, or all by your lonesome, using their special online virtual bedding design-o-matic tool that's so popular with the Video Game Generation [hm, seems like the bed-o-matic's in the shop at the moment. Better stick with the stylists.] And then you get it. Free. Because it's a prize.

So why not put that lottery ticket away for a few minutes, head on over to Javis Davis and focus your dream bandwidth on deciding what combination of fabrics you might get if--I mean when, right? positive thinking!--you win Then spend the next four days on reviewing that weird book.

Javis Davis custom bedding for babies and kids [javisdavis.com]
Previous prize praise: Alexander Girard designs from modernseed


Oh, my god, it's enough to make me want to have another baby...

[alas, that's not one of the prizes... -ed.]

Hey looks nearly identical to the inside of a Skip-Hop Pronto in canvas red:-}

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