June 27, 2006

The Daddle: We've Come A Long Way, Little Dogie


The Daddle is a saddle for giving horsie rides. It's made of stuffed cotton in a beautiful paisley print to match your tie. Or your shawl. The kneepads [aka, "horseshoes for dad"] are sold separately.

All I can say is, it's about damn time. As this Helmut Newton photo from the 1976 issue of Cookie Magazine shows, Mommies have had horsie games all to themselves for far too long,

The Daddle, $49.95 from Cashel Company, suppliers of English, Western, Gaited Horse, Mule & Rider's Tack [cashelcompany.com via boingboing]


What? No link to where we can buy the second one?

Heh. There has been a *lot* of parenting-blog commentary on this one, but I'm gonna have to say that while your entry is relatively late, it pretty much wins.

[for the record, we were a week late celebrating father's day, too, on account of the traveling... -ed.]

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