June 27, 2006

Philippe Starck/Target Baby Stuff For Sale On eBay

starck_potty.JPGNow that the kid's successfully inaugurated the third and final piece--the toilet booster seat--of the toilet training set Philippe Starck designed for First Years/Target, I can happily point you toward a couple of them for sale on eBay [don't worry, they're new-in-box]. Right now, with shipping, they're less than $20, about $10 less than we paid last September.

The other two pieces--a pale Starck yellow potty, and a translucent white step stool, have been in use for a while, and we've been pretty pleased with them. Not an issue for us, but the little pee guard is a litttle littler than some more ornate potties out there, so heads up [so to speak.]


Meanwhile, there's also a big lot of new Starck Baby stuff, including seven bottles, a bottle warmer [eh] and a podlike 900Mhz baby monitor. [the red speaker part is wearable, like a big shiny necklace. hmm. Can't imagine how that didn't take off nationwide.] With shipping, the pile's $41 right now [ends Jun 30].
Search for Starck toilets on eBay [ebay.com]
Philippe Starck Baby bottles, warmer & monitor [ebay.com]
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