June 14, 2006

DWR Jax Merchandise Sks LTR On Craigslist

So you really like the nursery gear, kids' furniture and toys at DWR Jax, but you only want to pay about 50-60% of retail? Do the math, folks, that's why they're pulling the plug on the whole venture.

But your stingy patience may be paying off, because DWR's started selling the floor samples from Jax on Craigslist.

DT reader John spotted extensive listings on the Portland and Seattle craigslists. If anyone sees any others, post them here--after you score $550 off your ducduc Parker dresser, that is.

Here's what for sale in Portland:
Paker chalkboard dresser from ducduc, orig $1298, now $750.
Trisse table + four chairs by Nanna Ditzel, orig. $883, now $550
BB2 toy caddy, orig $250, now $167.50
Playsam rocking horse, orig $220, now $147.50
Grand Prix Chair, orig $198, now $133
Red Ball Rocker, orig $220, now $110
Trioli Upside Down chair by Eero Aarnio, orig $170, now $114

Check it out yourself
Floor Sample Sale - Design Within Reach [portland.craigslist.org, thanks dt reader john]
Kirkland's going 33% off on all children's furniture floor samples [seattle.craigslist.org]
Roslyn, Long Island's going "first come, first served," but Brooklyn Heights is having a 1-day sale Saturday. [newyork.craigslist.org]
Lafayette in the Bay Area's only doing 33% off, but they've got a Nest bassinet for $335 [craigslist.org]


Thanks to the hint from you about the DWR Jax going away, we hit a floor sample sale early. And... I wouldn't advise the floor sample Red Ball Rocker from the Portland sale. We passed on it as it is not in the best of shape. I guess the children shopping there must have really loved it. Or at least, if it is the one from the Tualatin store. I think there is one in Portland proper, too.

I just got their email about their sort of-annual warehouse sale in Union City (SF Bay Area). Was thinking there might be extra special bargains on JAX stuff this year. I've heard its a mad house and at 9 months pregnant - I'm not about to brave the crowds but would be interested to know if anyone finds anything good at the sale this weekend. That said - discounts on ducduc stuff might just be the excitement I need to get this labor started...

Went to the Tualatin, OR store and almost broke down and got the very good condition red ball rocker. But we decided that if one thing was going in the playroom, something would have to come out - and neither child was going to part with the foam Elmo recliner we got at KB Toys for $15 (sigh)...

But last weekend the Tualatin store still had:
BB2 Twin Bed
Red Ball Rocker
Rocking Horse
Trioli Upside down chair (pretty beat up)
Julian chair in red
Ducduc or oeuf crib (forget which one)

and 2 skip hop duo bags in red for $35

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