April 20, 2006

Maclaren By Starck: Don't Get Your Skirts In A Ruffle Just Yet

They may have turned up on display at Colette and in the goofy stylist fantasies of Vogue, but don't look for the Starck + Maclaren gear to turn up in any actual stores for sale for any actual, set prices just yet.

An intrepid DT reader passed along the results of his Quest [heh], an update from the Charlie's Angelic stroller-wielding sleuths of the Maclaren Information Team:

Unfortunately we are not expecting to have the Starck line available until June, and as of yet distribution has not been determined, we do not yet know which retailers will be carrying this line, however the Conran Shop will be picking it up. (www.conran.com). At this point the retail price has yet to be confirmed.
After hitting send, the MIT girls high-fived each other to celebrate another husband buying a pretty stroller to rescue his fashionable wife from "psychedelic zookeeper"-dom.

Previous Maclaren by Starck coverage on dt

[update from the comments: "...on display...Conran Shop... May 20th... the stroller: orange, purple, yellow or grey... $300.00. bag: black only...$125.00... high chair and cot... this fall."]

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The Starck stroller and diaper bag from Maclaren will be on display at The Conran Shop on May 20th, 2006. The retail for the stroller, in organge, purple, yellow or grey, is $300.00 and the bag, black only, is $125.00. A collaspible high chair and cot are expected this fall.

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