March 7, 2006

Eames Tattoos

eames_rocker_tattoo.jpgEven with the new kid's Eames rocker, the tiny Eames Chair, Eames-themed Blik decals, Eames Storage Unit, Eames Lounge Onesie and the Eames Toy, you feel that your mid-century lifestyle's still got some Eames gaps in it, maybe you need to give tattoo artist Nick Baxter a call. He's working on a sleeve of modernist chairs for a client right now; a guy who's planning on being a famous furniture designer when he gets out of school. Gorgeous work.

A free daddytype t-shirt to the first guy who gets inked with an Ooba bassinet.

Nick Baxter
Furniture Design Tattoos [needled via coolhunting]


How about a free Ooba to the first person to get inked with

[lolol -ed.]

I take it that's a no then. Know any good tattoo removal places?

Oh, if only I were that retrocool. I suppose it would be cheaper than the actual Eames lounger that I've been saving up for for two years now. And my cat would be less likely to pee on it.

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