February 19, 2006

Mazda5 Ad Features A, What, A DILF?

The guy walks through a high school halway, and all the girls he passes check him out. They start with coy eye contact, but then their gaze lowers. When we finally see his face, whoa, that guy's kind of old for high school, isn't he? Then we see the young, hot teacher scoping him out, too. She rises from her desk and goes to meet him in her classroom doorway. Should she be hooking up with a student, even if he does look like he's been held back a couple of years--oh wait, there's a kid in a Bjorn on his chest. It's her baby daddy.

This 25-second indulgence of a guy's slightly Maxim-like fantasy of having a bunch of high school girls checking him owwwt was brought to you by the sweeet, sporty 6-passenger mini-minivan that's apparently hot for teachers, the Mazda5.

Mazda5: check it owwwt [mazdausa.com]
Previous suggestive Mazda 5 story with no payoff
Related: wow, some Canadian carmagblog likes the Mazda5 better than the Mercedes B-Class.


I always took it that the girls were actually smiling at the baby... otherwise, that would just be wrong. :)

That's one tempting car... damn Mazda for making it hard to find an excuse to buy something less practical!

[I mean, it's not as obvious as that old VW ad where the guy stops at a light next to a hot mom in the same car--which must happen to Passat owners like ALL the time, btw--starts flirting with her, and suddenly a sippy cup hits him in the back of the head, thrown by the kid he's been ignoring in the backseat. But still. -ed.]

I was thinking about writing to you when I saw this advert... Do you think he's a SAHD coming to pick up the wife after her long day at work, on his way back from the Museum with the kid? Is the company making a statement that stay at home dads are ...cool (and if you want the ladies to notice you, wear a baby bjorn) Does Mazda qualify as a Dad friendly company like some stroller makers I am not going to name? And did you see when they get to the Mazda 5, they put that tiny baby in a forward facing baby seat (or am I hallucinating?). And did I mention that I want this Mazda 5 although it does not have an adequate engine to pull itself but still has a mediocre miles per gallon rating(But it has sliding doors, wouhou!) ? So many unanswered questions all in the same 30 second advert...

[lol, they definitely get credit for a positive/involved dad portrayal, but they're laying it on pretty thick with the whole "see? chicks dig me, even though I'm driving a minivan" thing. -ed.]

I thought I was hallucinating too when I saw the baby in a forward facing carseat. You'd think that car manufacturers would know better!

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