February 13, 2006

Target's Giant Baby Sale Not Big Enough To Include Fisher-Price's Wha??-gaboo

Target's running a sale on baby stuff through 2/18 that offers 10-20% off their regular prices. If you're in the market for some gear, consider adding Target to your comparison shopping list.

One item that is not included in the Big Sale: the new BugaboogyFisher-Price Stroller in Army Green. It's still $250, although with free shipping, it's almost as cheap as hauling your rump to the store in person [where you can test it out first.]

Target previously in DT's sights: Fisher-Price's bold stroller knockoff;
Carter's-for-Target bodysuits kinda blow; Target likes Robeez so much, they made their own; those Munchkin losable cups and bowls are fine, though; and anyway, Seal shops there, too.


Not so! Just at Target today and the Fisher-Price stroller was (1) present and (2) on sale for $224. Not too bad; nice basket!

[see, the reason I posted about the sale at all was because you'd mentioned it was on sale. But it's not on sale online, so it must be one of those in-store-only deals. Oh, and thanks. -ed.]

Any DT readers out there who actually own this? I'd love to read a user review. I'm sure it doesn't quite compare to the Bb in terms of handling and quality, but is it worthwhile as a stroller? Does it fold more easily than the Bb? How's the footprint? Details, please!

There are several reviews on the Target site (including my own post). I have a MIL at Mattel who is trying to help me get some more inside info on this one ... I'll let you all know.

There's also a running discussion at baby-gaga.com

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