February 7, 2006

Wow. Macl-- Wow. Maclaren Septuplet Stroller on eBay


If you have septuplets, and some local merchant didn't donate a stroller after you appeared on the 6 o'clock news, you should definitely check this out: a custom [hah, as opposed to what, a standard production?] Maclaren septuplet stroller, which is currently on eBay. It's 4-back/3-up, there's a double-wide handle, and since all nine wheels in the front and middle pivot, this thing must pivot in place. [So does a zamboni, but still.]

The only drawbacks I can see: non-reclining seats, the color [I prefer Carbon], no underseat storage, no cupholders, and gravity. Even if you and your septuplets live in Kansas, this thing'll give you Buns of Steel before the kids cut their first teeth.

The auction ends Feb 14 at 00:51 PST [aka Prime Septuplet Time].

Maclaren Custom Stroller for Septuplets (7) Children [ebay via dt reader naomi]


If you have 6 baby's the same age, how are you even getting out of the house? I'm glad they make this(kinda) but really.

[maybe you could use it for a communal nannyshare? or just drive it around Park Slope to piss off the kid-free folks. -ed.]

damn ed, you stole my thunder. I was just going to suggest renting kids and cruising around the slope in that thing. even better than one of those awesome six-seater preschool buggies.

Do you think it folds up?

Septuplet=seven kids, not six

This stroller is my nightmare come to life. The thought of having that many children to put in a stroller = Death.

I keep getting outbid by the prop guy from that movie in pre-production about the free-spirited mom and the buttoned-down dad who have 256 children (some adopted) starring Jeff Bridges.

[you mean Cheaper By The Dozen^2 -ed.]

Whether you are a free spirit or OCD there is no way you're gonna get out of the house with 7 kids in a stroller with no under seat storage or cup holders. Perhaps the stroller is meant only to seat 6 and have the 7th seat for storage.

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