January 25, 2006

Sesame Street Needs More Pointer Sisters


So what if it's too fast to really teach a kid to count to twelve? Maybe she'll learn some of the groove and rhythm that she did NOT inherit from her father.

Either way, watching The Pointer Sisters' "Pinball Number Count" from Sesame Street makes it really obvious to me that Children's Television Workshop needs to stuff Elmo in the box and start releasing vintage episodes of The Street on DVD pronto.

update: After
reading about DJ Food's remix
, I think that that's what this QT is.

I was having a hard time figuring out the pedagogical strategy behind the total random number order in the video, but that's because it mixes together parts of each number's animation and audio. Thanks, Geoff.]

"Pinball Number Count" - The Pointer Sisters
[hosted by nico at bac.ro via antville]
Remixes from Family Guy and DJ Food


Better yet, check out the actual Pinball Number Count remix by DJ Food, where he got access to all the different number songs and mixed them into one crazy disco counting extravaganza:


and you can listen to it via RealAudio.

[thanks, I only found the dvd link -ed.]

Vintage Sesame Street rocks. So does vintage muppet shows. Anything from Jim Henson in his heyday should be "digitally remastered" or something and released on DVD so all us children of the 70s/80s can relive our youth while sharing these gems with our children. The world would be a better place, I think. Not to mention the whole no-Elmo thing. That talking in the 3rd person thing really gets under my skin...

"123,4,5, 678,9,10, 11,12..."

How very weird that this comes up today. I was singing this to my (32mo) son yesterday at lunch. He thought I was pretty funny. The "12" song segued into the only bits I can remember from an old Salt & Peppa (sp?) song. ("Oo baby baby, oo baby baby! Salt, salt, salt, salt & peppa's here!") That one sent him into hysterics!

Toddlers: so easily amused.

I'm a big fan of the "12" song, though. Thanks for the link!

oddly enough, we recently got "songs from the street" and the pinball number count has been on heavy rotation in our house.

I have "songs from the street" too, and as much as I love the 12 song, the song that comes after it (about the number 2) is the type that gets in your head in a bad way. Bob should not be allowed to sing.

I would buy every pre-elmo season of vintage Sesame Street on DVD. Can you imagine the revenue for CTW?

"...the song that comes after it (about the number 2) is the type that gets in your head in a bad way. Bob should not be allowed to sing."

i thought that james taylor and the kids singing jellyman kelly made up for bob and his vocal stylings. but not everyone agrees.

[clearly, we have a ctw music aficionado in our midst. I will defer in the future ;) -ed.]

I've been hoping for that DVD release of vintage Sesame Street episodes for a while now too... if every parent with a blog asks for it, d'ya think they'd do it?

Just a quick note: This video is via 'me', not antville...they directly linked to my site and you have done the same. While I put the video there for people to see, I really do appreciate getting a note from people intending on doing so ahead of time (the front page of my site has a form to contact me with). This file generates ~30GB of xfer a month alone, yet no one ever said 'hey, thanks' or 'I could put this on my own server'.

So now I really don't have much choice but to protect the file...sorry folks.

[the way the antville post read, I assumed the person who hosted it and who posted it were the same. I added separate credit above, thanks for the heads up--and the video, too, of course. -ed.]

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