January 9, 2006

Launched: Maclaren Easy Traveller Car Seat Carrier

mac_easy_traveller.gifI'd heard about this a while back, but I hadn't seen any pictures or product information, but now it's out and on sale. Maclaren has introduced a stroller carrier called the Easy Traveller. The Mac family ressemblance is immediately obvious; it looks like a modded Volo with a dumpster attached underneath. Seriously, that is one. giant. storage bin.

It looks bigger than the Kolkraft Universal, even. Anyway, I've been a secret fan from afar of the Universal, which comes [used to come?] in a chrome version, too; it's a fine-looking, utilitarian piece of gear with a nice line to it [two, actually: one curving down from the handle to the front wheels, and the other very smartly integrating the front support and the rear of the basket. Somebody cared how that looked when they designed it.] And I've always imagined making giant decals for people to put on those front panels--a little extra flair for you, a little PR for me, it's win-win!--which the Universal shares with the Snap 'n Go.

So from a billboard standpoint, the Easy Traveller fails me. But from an overall looks, performance, and expectations standard, it's probably a winner. Plus, check out the new-for-2006 integrated drink holder, which is rolling out on Macs across the line. Niice.

Maclaren Easy Traveller Car Seat Carrier Stroller, $89.95 [amazon.com via babychic101]
Eh. Here's the Universal in blue for $60 at BRU/AMZN. The silver one's $50, but out of stock, at Target.com [target.com]


As a beta test subject for this product, I have to say that it's a winner. It worked great with our Peg carrier and was much preferred to the stroller part of our travel system. While it doesn't do much for protecting your child from the weather, it's perfect for shopping since you can jam a ton of stuff in the basket.

Hmm... that doesn't look half bad. Anyone have any ideas on whether it would fit the new Graco Safeseat?

Of course, the Graco carrier seems to be pretty decent too.

I was also surprised to see that Mac had the Global Buggy which also accommodates car seats. I will never buy a plastic-y travel system, but I'd consider this one...

Looks nice, I'm just not getting why anyone would pay $90 when the little Kolcraft is available for $50 (I got mine - in silver - at BuyBuyBaby).

That sucker has been a lifesaver. Not sure what the Mac product weighs or how it folds - the Kolcraft has a one-hand fold and is really lightweight. Most taxi drivers don't get out to help (not that I want them to be unsafe or anything - they just don't even when they safely could - but I'm not bitter) but it's fine because I just hook my arm through the carseat handle, lift the seat up and out of the frame, fold the frame with my free hand, and throw it in the taxi trunk with same hand. And I am a seriously weak person.

This stroller does accept the new graco safe seat. I've used the volo for a couple of years. If you've ever pushed a Maclaren you wouldn't wonder why it is worth every cent over a less expensive model. The aditional height alone is worth it but it handles very very well. Also they are an umbrella fold which makes them easier to deal with.

Hi! I came across this site when researching for strollers and you dads have given me many insightful opinions. Thanks a lot!

Now, I was hoping that you might have an answer for this one:
I have a maxi cosi cabrio infant car seat for my daughter - 3 mos. - and at first I thought about getting a quinny zapp to fit the car seat on. However, I have read some controversial comments on how it can tip and cannot support any bags (which is a must factor for a shopping mom with two little boys and a baby), so I have decided against it. Instead I got a Maclaren Techno XT for a long term stroller.
But, I still need a lightweight infant car seat carrier for the everyday "in and out of car" use and came across the Maclaren Easy Traveller.
Does it seem like a good idea?
and does anyone know if it accomodates Maxi Cosi Cabrio? I have emailed the manufacturer but no reply yet. Any reply will be much appreciated.
Thank you!

I would like to get some help for user who use it with peg perego car seat.

From the specification, I notice the Maclaren Easy Traveler (frame only car seat carrier) compatible with Peg Perego- Primo Viaggi. But I
would like to know does it actually clip/snap (click) into the bar. Or it just sit
on the frame and tighten with belt/straps?

Hi, just wondered what worked for you ultimately. Did the maxi-cosi cabrio suit the maclarens easy traveller, would really appreciate any advice. About to have another c-section and am also looking for something very light for seat. Thanks

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows how well a Chicco Keyfit 30 would fit into this Maclaren... Does it actually "snap" in? Or, would I have to use the straps? Are the straps very combersome to use? I'd really appreciate any help you could give me... Thanks!!!

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