December 16, 2005

Muji Suburbia In A Bag


Muji has cute little bags of wooden blocks in the shapes of the icons of the world's great cities--London, Paris, Tokyo, New York. [The NYC one, for example, includes the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, MoMA's original building--and the Guggenheim, which might explain why it's not available at the Muji At MoMA store.]

BUT WHO CARES? Because they also have Suburbia In A Bag. It contains three identical houses, three cars, three trees, two big box stores, and a church/schoolhouse [same diff these days]. Of course, it'll take a couple hundred of these sets for the real effect. The Village In A Bag is probably best used as a themed pedestrian entertainment/retail experience. The little trees and cars might be choke-hazard size, but then, embracing the suburbs always did involve tradeoffs.

Paris In A Bag, London In A Bag, Tokyo In A Bag, and New York In A Bag are each 4.95 at Muji [ for UK delivery only, I think, thanks dt reader Jan]

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