November 28, 2005

Now On eBay: Community Playthings, Starck Trike


A couple of eBay finds, if you're doing some off-the-wall holiday shopping, near Denver, or both:

  • There is a pretty decent-looking six-piece collection of vintage Community Playthings kitchen toys [well, five, plus one awesome phonebooth] in Aurora, near Denver. They're all in maple ply and hardwood, although some pieces [i.e., the stove] are better than others [i.e., the sink] still... [via andy]
  • Check out this Philippe Starck toy car [still in the box!] from his short-lived 2001 children's product line for Target. Maclaren must be hoping Starck was just ahead of his time, because it's the exact same color as his 2005/6 stroller.

    Previously: CP's divinely inspired maple crib
    Starck for Mac and for Target [rip]

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    crazy, i picked up mine for $8 at a second hand baby store. the kid, she loves it. it was, however, not mint and missing the adult push handle (which was ugly anyway and I can see why it was removed). i do wish target would revive this line, I think there is a much bigger market for these type of items today than there was even a couple years ago (for evidence, see they were a little ahead of their time.

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