November 22, 2005

Ryan Phillippe Drives A Maclaren!!!


So his kids--and their Maclaren Triumph--came to visit Ryan Phillippe while he's shooting a movie in Toronto. And apparently, Phillippe kept getting stopped by people asking for directions. To stores that sell milk in bags.

The Phillippe family visits the Great White North [justjared, which as approx. 1m giant, nearly identical images, via trent]

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Wow . . . when my wife and I trekked into Queens to get our hands on a red Triumph back in '02, because nobody else in the five boroughs (including the hoity-toity Manhattan shops) had them yet, we enjoyed a brief moment of celebrity when I'd trek my daughter in on the L train, up the 6 line, and cart around the Upper East Side to visit her mommy at work, and I'd watch the envious gazes of the UrbanBaby moms looking at our stroller and wondering how a blue-collar schlub like me had gotten it before them.

It was a sweet moment, and I feel guilty for it but still wish I'd had a camera.

And now I can say that Ryan Phillippe may have one, but I probably had it first.

(and, really, ours has probably seen a lot more use, as we actually made extensive use of its one-handed fold and carry strap on the subways, and Ryan Phillippe probably does not)

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