October 14, 2005

So It's Good Cop/Bad Cop In The Ritchie House?

Guess which one Madonna is.

Madonna talks of her mission to be "part of the solution" by imparting her parenting wisdom to some British fashion magazine. Save your shillings, though, because the Daily Telegraph's Neil Tweedie [yes] has graciously mocked it for us:

As for the box, forget it. "My kids don't watch TV," she said. "We have televisions but they're not hooked up to anything but movies. TV is trash. I was raised without it. I didn't miss anything. TV is poison."
What, "and look how I turned out"??

Madonna on the evils of milk and 'trash television' [telegraph uk, via robotwisdom]


The bad news is the TVs are hooked up to following movies on continuous loop: Who's That Girl?, Desperately Seeking Susan, At Close Range, A League of Their Own, and Die Another Day.

Sorry kids!

Does Madonna really believe that MTV had nothing to do with her success in the 80's??

[Poison may be a fragrance, actually. And she didn't mention that her kids are HUGE on myspace.com... -ed.]

I'm sure that would explain why Madonna's always been such a big reader - she grew up surrounded by books!

Isn't it a little hypocritical of two people who've been successful in lowbrow culture (or does Ritchie's knowing wink make his gangster movies middlebrow?) to be contemptuous of pop culture?

What a hilarious interview... Halfway through, I just thought "someone ought to tell this stupid woman to shut up." And then the interviewer did.

I love how the first punishment is loss of storytime, as that is the one activity that requires Madonna to actually do something with her kids. I can just see it: "Lourdes, you left half a ravioli on your plate, NO STORYTIME TONIGHT!!"

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