October 14, 2005

Is This An Ikea High Chair?


The current issue of Dwell has a photo of French designer Matali Crasset's studio/home. Front and center is this red plastic and tubular steel high chair.

I think I recognize that buckle from our Antilop chair. I still like ours better, but I wonder if this may be an earlier, or, um, vintage Ikea model?

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Huh. Small world. Crasset is listed as the lender of that Pinpon baby carrier in the MoMA exhibit.


we have that exact ikea high chair, the seat + tray come off so that the tubular frame folds up + it can be stored away. ours is a navy seat with the same frame shown. i have never seen red, the colors must differ from country to country. we got ours 2 years ago at our toronto ikea and it is still available today.

[Canadians. Is there anything they DON'T know? Thanks. -ed.]

Yep, that exact chair in blue was at the Edmonton Ikea just last week.
It's actually cheaper than the Antilop too.

I just bought that high chair in blue for my Mother-in-laws house. Unfortunately they were out of the trays, and then I couldn't find a tray to order for it out of the catalog. Does this thing come with a tray and how does a girl get her hands on one?

Based on the website, there is a tray for it. You can check availability for stores near you via the webiste. Is there one reasonably close to you where you could get it from?

I'm so totally jealous... the Vancouver IKEA (at least the one in Richmond) didn't have that chair... it's even cooler than the Antilop, which by the way is still very cool. :) (Nothing else fits a one-bedroom apartment as well unless you're paying big bucks for a Svan or something)

As for Canadians knowing everything, we're IKEA whores; I believe we had IKEA here for 20 years before they started selling in the US... :)

Cam, check the Coquitlam store. No clue if they still have them there, but they did last winter right before Christmas.

Avoid the highchair altogehter and get a "feeding seat" that straps on to a regular chair, they come with trays and work great for home and to take with you.
Or pull the ikea high chairs up to the table with out the tray. Ours worked fine that way. I forget the name of the one we have...all white molded plastic.

Cool high chair.

I waited until IKEA was in my area before I started my family.

Just kidding. Or am I...?

We have a "feeding seat" and are thinking of changing to a highchair (I think I've sold my wife on the kinderzeat!) now that the daughter is older because (a) the feeding seat ties up a chair when she's in it, (b) it is actually a wee minor inconvenience to take off and put back on.

Throkky, thanks... wow.. the comments on this blog are getting very local. We need to start our own Canadian dad shopping blog, I think... (why's everyone looking at me? Oh, right, web designer. :) )

BTW, is the Coquitlam store officially the biggest f-ing IKEA in North America? Man that place is a workout...

[this clinches it; I'm calling Mercedes Canada and getting them to let me test a B-Class for a few days. -ed.]

Actually, as the helpful salesperson in the Edmonton Ikea informed me, they have the biggest Ikea in North America for now. It's bloody exhausting and I was grateful for the many shortcuts to the cafeteria for lingonberry juice.
At least you live close. I have to save my ikea pilgrimages for the twice a year 5.5 hour drives to go see the in-laws.
Come on now, start your own blog. Do you know how many people ask me where they can get stuff without screwing around with customs?

come on know, who needs that exact ikea chair, taking all orders, charging all delivery fees to you! [just kidding but not a bad idea at all]

and if your serious about the canadian blog site i will head it up for you - a web designer and interior designer - what more aould you ask for? ahhh, except that i'm a single mom of a boy so... i'm a mom + a dad at the best of times - that should count for something.

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