September 29, 2005

Tables & Chairs For Kids: NYT, For One, Welcomes Our DWR Overlords

ditzel_trissen.jpgWhen I saw the classic Nanna Ditzel Toadstool set with a Playsam car on it in the New York Times' "This Season's Greatest Tables & Chairs For Kids!" I said to myself, "Kudos to Kid-o for getting that sweet placement." After all, When I first "discovered" the Toadstool furniture, it was nowhere to be found in the US; Kid-o was the first retailer to carry it.

So when I read the credit line, "DWR Jax," I was like, "d'oh!" Same thing for ducduc's big play/work table.

But as a DT DWR mole who looked through their internal sales kit wrote yesterday in an email [nice timing, eh?], the DWR kid's catalog's gonna look mighty familiar when it lands in your upscale mailbox:

Most everything can be found at the usual online shops. The few "Exclusive" DWR offerings are nothing to shout about (oeuf bouncy chair, but in "DWR Exclusive" color).

ducduc crib
ducduc furniture
Stokke Sleepi crib and changing table
Eero Aarnio Trioli 3-in-1 horse/chair thing
Angela Adama rugs
Cardboard play house
Nanna Ditzel stools and table
Offi Chalkboard table
Javier Mariscal plastic ride-on dog thing
SpaceFrame building fort thing
SkipHop diaper bag
Fuji plywood toybox

They said they were only going to get a little bit of the catalog in stores, to test the waters. No cribs in the showrooms, which seems really stupid.

I probably would've found some diplomatic way to say that that still holds out the possibility of a fat DWR sponsorship deal, but I have to agree.

Personal Shopper: Tables & Chairs For Kids [nyt]
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Oh, Oh, Oh, Go To Kid-O
OK, so I discovered Ditzel's furniture in Dwell magazine. But there wasn't any more detail than that, I swear.



Since you're a big fan of the KidO thing, and you do give them a lot of free shoutouts, maybe you can put some pressure on them to step it up and get that website up-to-date. I'm sick of reading that the "online registry [will be] available 4.1.05".

[ouch. And I was just about to comment on how the Miami shop that DID get the NYT mentions,, was bragging about stocking the new denim Bugaboos... -ed.]

I did notice that geniusjones did update their site. Finally.

I haven't been to the KidO bricks-and-mortar store since the spring; have there been any "updates" or new additions at the shop?

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