September 28, 2005

Audi A6 Avant Puts Other Wagons En Garde


In the LA Times today, Dan Neil gives the newly redesigned Audi A6 Avant some of the highest praise a wagon--or any car, for that matter--can get:

...quietly gorgeous...

... While other companies agonize over their "crossover" designs too many of which come off as ugly and oversized, the wagon as orthotic footwear the Audi A6 Avant once again demonstrates that a fast station wagon with all-wheel drive is the ultimate road vehicle...

The Avant's interior space and cargo capacity rival the much larger, much heavier VW Touareg. Says Neil, "If you are a pharmaceutical rep racking up hundreds of miles a week, I think I've found your car."

The Audi Allroad, which I loved, but which was a bit problematic--and achingly expensive to repair, according to my brother and a good friend whose family has been spending vacations at the Audi dealer--has been discontinued for 2006, leaving just the Avant. $60,000 out the door.

Wagon Without A Hitch [lat]


I can highly recommend the Audi Avant RS6. You can toy with the Porsche's and still got enough room for a few kids. But it's missing from the 2006 lineup.


[Yeah, I wondered where that was. the RS6 rocks. -ed.]

4.6 inches of ground clearance doesn't cut it where I live. Quattro seems to be evolving into a wet-weather performance feature. At best, it's a nicely plowed snowy road feature.

The 2WD 3-series has about 5 inches of clearance (or the E46 did, anyway)

Doesn't the Outback have 8 inches of clearance? That's more like it in my world.

Diesel X3 anyone?

PS: I'm bitching about a car that I can't afford anyway, so maybe I'm not the target consumer.

[I thought that seemed kind of low/odd. But everyone I've ever known with an Allroad has had problems with the lowrider-like adjustable height suspension, so maybe they were stuck. -ed.]

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