September 11, 2005

But If I'm Selling Crib Bumpers, They MUST Be Safe

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), which includes a lot of crib bumper manufacturers said last March that, WOW, the Consumer Products Safety Commission's new research proved that crib bumpers were not only safe, they were darn cute, too.

Which was news to the CPSC, pediatrician organizations and independent safety groups, since the data actually showed nothing of the sort. When Consumer Reports started poking around on the matter, the JPMA quickly altered the language of their announcement.

Meanwhile, nearly everyone who doesn't sell crib bumpers still says that they pose a suffocation threat and may increase the risk of SIDS, and that they should not be used, especially during the high-risk SIDS stage when a kid's 2-6 months old.

Crib safety: Trade group departs from government recommendations []

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