September 4, 2005

Chuck E. Cheese Wants YOU!

Apparently, part of the entertainment for birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese is a promotional video produced by the Department of Defense showing happy, shiny soldiers in Iraq handing out candy to happy, shiny children and standing around happy, shiny tanks and happy, shiny planes. The restaurant's animatronic puppets nod along as they watch the video, then turn to the kids, as if seeking their excited opinion.

Now who can get upset about that? Only someone who hates America. And children. And candy.

Babes in Warland [, via interesting-people]


Thats Great!!! i Lauphed my butt off reading that lol .... i cant belive it if you really think about it its like really really funny Good job..

Never much cared for Chuck E. Cheese but C'MON...this an all timer!

Sounds like the old propaganda films for the Hitler youth.

And for the record...I LOVE America...and children...and candy...

Not terribly shocking to be honest. Did anyone expect something more from an eating establishment that has, as a mascot, a rat with a cigar

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