August 1, 2005

Put Down That Cookie.

Don't choose, now keep both!

According to a Conde Nast source who's no doubt already nursing several eating disorders of her own, when the editors showed the debut issue of the buy-your-kid's-way-to-coolness magazine, Cookie to the big man, S.I. Newhouse, his comment was as clear as it was predictable: "I think that baby's too fat."

Check out the full email leak at Gawker. And put down that Cookie.

Subscribe to Cookie, but only if you don't skew their demo or drag down their HHI, please. I'm sure you understand.


That kids a lightweight compared to my baby. So much for Beck's modeling career. (Although he does stick his hand in his mouth and gag himself...)

Unfortunately, my 9-month old daugher read Si's comments. As an aspiring future Conde Nasty, she's now sworn only to feed herself wheat grass, vodka martinis and veggie burgers from the Gansevoort Hotel. I fed her a bottle of formula last night and I think I heard herself purging herself in her crib afterwards.

I guess it's true. Even as a baby, you can never be too rich or too thin. What a sick city we live in.

The baby's cute. The font on the title, not so much.

While I don't like veggie burgers, I am a vegetarian, and I do think it is a little unfair lumping veggie burgers in with wheat grass and martinis...

But that's just me.

Actually, you can order whatever you want; you just can't eat it. Feel free to push it around the plate a little, though.

My daughter already does that... but on her tray, not a plate.. and with her hand, not a fork..

Oh, and can I spit it out all over daddy's last pair of clean work pants? Or throw it on the floor?

Cute baby, dreadful hat. And I agree with Chris on the font. My baby is a chunker, and I like him that way. Anyone who thinks that baby is too fat is a jackass. The underlying premise of this magazine makes me feel ill...

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