July 3, 2005

Old Man Ganked My Whip, Yo

This isn't news to anyone here, but it's interesting reading nonetheless. Turns out the Gen Y and Gen Whatever Ad Agencies Call 18-24 Year-Olds Now are Gen Poor, and so they're not rushing out to buy the Honda Elements and Scions and Matrices [?] carmakers had planned. Instead, those cars are being snapped up by older folks seeking practicality, a slight cool enhancement, or most likely, something that's easy to get in and out of with their lumbago's acting up. Median age for most of these alleged Gen Y cars is in the 40's.

What IS new is The Stodgy Index, which is published by CNW Marketing. It surveys what whips 16-24 year olds think are cool. [The kids call 'rides' 'whips' these days, I hear. Always with the lingo.]

So what's the takeaway here for new dads worried that they're now too stodgy for a Scion or an Element? Don't sweat it; you can only help lower the average age. Tell the Toyota marketing guy, "You're welcome."

The Car Is for Kids, but Gramps Is Driving [nyt, via several readers]
Previously: Badass Buddy Icons and the Honda Element [greg.org, from 2003, no less]
Scion xB: The 'B' is for Baby
Grandpa drives a Scion xB, and badass buddy icons. [Clearly, I'm getting old; I'm repeating myself.]

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That's funny. When the Matrix came out in 2002, I was in the market for a new car and got one, knowing it would end up a family car soon enough. I noticed back then that most of the other people who had them were definitely not the "targer demographic."

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