June 6, 2005

Cool Baby Store Names?

So Luke & Loz are in Sydney and are expecting their first kid in September. Never mind the kid's name, that's no big deal. But Luke emailed asking for suggestions or advice on naming the kids store they're planning to open.

See, apparently, they and their friends are "amazed at how crap all the kids gear is," so they're opening a store to sell the crappest coolest imports from the US, EU, and Japan.

If you can think of any kids store names that you don't want money for, or have naming technique suggestions, or maybe some cautionary tales for what not to name their Crap Emporium, Luke has offered to shovel some hot steaming crap merchandise your way.

[update: I have informed that just because it's on the opposite side of the world, "crap" does not mean the opposite in Autralia as I previously thought. Apparently Luke & Loz are going to open a kids store featuring "dope imports" instead. My bad. And by "bad," I mean bad "bad," not good "bad." See, in the US-- never mind. Just help a brother out down under.]


Are they going to focus equally on the US, EU and Japan? They could chose some cutsey name from whatever country they'll focus on. I'm not sure if little Dutch/French/German names would carry the same weight in Asutralia as they might here. And I'm sure Japanese would get awfully confusing.

beyond that, I'm just trying to think of the cool store names that i saw in NYC , but that doesn't help much.

speaking of which, we should compile a good list of physical stores in our respective cities, sinec my last trip to NYC was a bust -- all I saw was Petit Bateau over and over again!

I just hope the market for that stuff in Australia isn't as saturated as it is here. Tell them to do a quick internet search before they invest their cash.

Ok - names, names, names ... how about Cribang? It's like crib, but with a little ka-pow at the end! ;^)

I like simply, "Luke & Loz." It's catchy. It translates. You must keep the ampersands, though.

Can be used alliteratively with baby words like ělullaby,î ělove,î ělamb,î ěla lune.î

Naomi Watts Is My Baby Mama Shoppe

I was looking at the word "simple" that's on a poster in my cube when the "imp" in simple popped out at me. How about naming the store Little Imp?

Honestly, who could not accurately describe a 7 month old with the word imp?

A US/AUS mix..
Joey Mart?

There's BABY USA over here...So how bout goign nationalistic with Baby Australia...or Australian Baby...I was trying to find some sort of cutesy "Down Under" pun, but I'm currenty at a loss, if I think of anything I'll get back to you.

Baby Invasion (implies imports)

Wee Widgets

I can't decide which I like better:




or maybe just Monkey-do's...

The Teeny Tiny Wonder Thunder From Down Under (Shop)

Rubber Baby Buggy Boutique

How about Kangaroo Cribs, carts and carriers

no, then it should be all K's, like Kangaroo Kribs.

I think the thing to watch out for is a naming methodology that could just as easily be used by a hair salon: like intentionally wrong spelling (Kutting Kornerz), bad puns (Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow), or most anything with "-o-rama."

Also, careful with 'bub,' which I hear is Aussie slang for baby. While Bubaboo is cool, they have lawyers in AU, too.

I'd like to know if Aussie businesses use "Kangaroo" and "Down Under" in their names when their customers are primarily Australian residents. Seems like it would be the U.S. equivalent of Uncle Sam's Used Cars or Yankee-Doodle Noodle House.

AJ's probably right, But, here in Tampa..I think we have places like "Uncle Sam's Used Cars".
Though most of th Noodle Houses stick with the Asian theme.

How about "Did a Dingo Dress Your Baby?" or "Baby Dundee".

What about "Pocket full of Rocks"?

I don't know about any of you, but when I was a kid playing in the sand pit, or outside, I would always end up with a pocket full of rocks. Which, in turn, would piss the hell out of my mother because the rocks would end up in the wash.

But, it reminds me of being a kid. I'm sure they've got lots of rocks down unda'.

how about this for a store name....

"modern tots"

modern describes the era of products they carry, tots refers to a wide age range..........its short/cute and to the point.

my $0.02.

errrrrrrr......scratch that last comment.

looks like someone else is already working on that name (www.moderntots.com).

instead, how bout'......

(MOdern tOTS)


(play off of the word modern with todlers))

My vote goes to........"The Teeny Tiny Wonder Thunder From Down Under Baby Shop"

I would TOTALLY shop there.

Otherwise, "Wee Widgets" is awfully catchy. Especially when you add...."& Kiddy Gidgets"

I do like the "Luke & Loz" aswell. Do they have a Graphic?? That might help if they mentioned a graphic that they were partial too......

I didn't like the "A Dingo Dressed my Baby" however, it did make coke fire out of my nose, burning as it went.......

Luke & Loz

These are the best by far.

Or maybe: Ozuke. Or Kansas (we're not in it anymore). Or

Luke and Loz should send us some free gear when they open shop, our company name and brand suggestions are worth a good 10 Gs in the real world.

How about Yankee Doodles?

Or like, "Everything Good Comes From Abroad"

In Rotterdam, there was a huge store in the center of town that we never saw anyone in called American Dream or something, Route 66. The old "Made In USA" label was definitely not the big sell it used to be, that's for sure.


For little people. From Oz.

I'm casting my vote for "Dope Imports."
Although it might attract an unwanted clientel. And be a complete marketing disaster, fail miserably and leave poor Luke and Loz bankrupt.
But, hey, it's funny.

Otherwise there is the option of naming the store after their first born. Do they have a "cute" name they're using for the unborn, like Defective Yeti's Squirrely. I called my daughter Eckythump (ancient form of Lancashire martial arts) before she was born. Luke and Loz are welcome to use that.

Greg -- you can't say that! these days you'd have to say Everything Good Comes from a Woman... gotta be PC and all, ya know ;)

What about something along the lines of Wallababies(Wall o' babies?) or Koala Kids?

Maybe a Japanese name? One that I love is "Oyako" which literally means "Parent and Child", all in one word. I first discovered this when eating a hot bowl of the splendidly-named Oyako-Don ("Parent and Child-Don") -- a rice dish made with both chicken and egg.

The name makes sense for your shop plans (for parents and children, the exotic Japanese name to indicate exclusive imports), plus it has a nice story when you're asked about its meaning. Hmm, maybe I'm going to keep this for a shop of my own, now that I think about it!

[mmm, oyako. I like this one. -ed.]

How about ozuke (L-oz & L-uke)? Sounds Japanese, but doesn't mean a thing.


LL Cool Baby

LL Cool Baby! I like.

I've got it!!
How about "Shrimps on the Ba-by"! Ka-bam! Funkafied! :D

i prsonally like (BEBZ) thatz whut i call my other half but since reaganz been born she took it over....

cool dood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This rocks sucka

I myself am opening a childrens resale shop.
So I'am in the same boat...
However I have decided on the name

Hugs N Kisses

But I also like the name
Smartie Pantz

Hope this helps!!

hey guys i am also opening a baby shop in the uk so anymore suggestions would be great cheers xxx

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